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Sold by: Sonja Brzak, Croatia
Sculptures and Reliefs, 2019, 25 × 25 cm

Author: Sonja Brzak, Croatia

Condition: Excellent
Directly from the studio artist
Painting is owned by the artist

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Exceptional work in ceramics glazed with dark, bronze Botz glaze, Design, academic painter and ceramist, Sonja Brzak.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 cm

Sonja Brzak

My name is Sonja Brzak, I am an academic painter. Artistic education in Ljubljana Arthouse-College of Visual Arts where I acquired the title of graduate painter I live and work in Sveta Nedelja in Croatia. The design of my artistic expression is very wide and includes drawing in pencils, painting on canvas in acrylic and oil techniques and making unique ceramic items. In painting, motives are mostly abstract to me, but very often I enter the sphere of realism when it comes to a portrait of a pen or a painting on a canvas. The recognition of my painting is in the face-to-face look that often stretches across the entire surface of the canvas, rich in colour and an interesting composition. In addition to the facial expression in the centre of my pictorial expression, it is always a human figure in various aspects of pose and movement. In pottery, I usually make pots on a potting wheel, with a lid that is carved in a certain stage of roasting. The motifs are abstract with some animalistic depiction.
I am professionally selling painting online, at auction.
My works are across Europe and the world in private collections.

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