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Storm is Comming II

Paintings, 100 × 100 cm

, 2016
Sold by: Agnieszka Rogowska, Poland
2.022,00 (Incl. local VAT 2.022,00)

Orig. title: Storm is Comming II

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“Storm is Comming II” is the oil on canvas painting by Agnieszka Rogowska. You can buy this artwork directly from the artist online at BeArte Gallery.

The composition of this Agnieszka’s painting is immediately straightforward, where we easily see two halves or opposites: On the left side are the unexpected turbulent storm clouds, which are reflected on the surface of the sea. To the right, we see another fragment of a sunny day, an idyllic world or moment, which by the time will change or be destroyed by the storm. Despite the opposites, the violence against the gentle idyl, the division in the picture creates a great balance.
Agnieszka conquers our first impression with her painted, stormy inferno. Quick brush strokes and palette knife on the canvas capture the feeling, the moment that will pass very quickly, along with the strong win and sense of peace that never will be the same again.
In this painting, you can see the strong influence of Kapists Art has on Agnieszka. It may also remind us of the impressionists and even the English landscape painter William Turner. Beautiful romantic landscape, wonderful colours and lots of dynamics lines.

“Storm is Comming II” is a beautiful painting for anyone who loves the excitement and gorgeous clean colours. It will also perfectly fit any modern or minimalistic interiors.

Due to the differences in screen quality, the colours in the images may vary slightly compared to the originals.

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Dimensions 100 × 100 cm

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