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Lion King

Alexandr KaratAlexandr Karat Contact the Artist

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Sold by: Alexandr Karat, Russia
Sculptures and Reliefs, 2018, 20 × 31 × 19 cm

The sculptural desk group entitled “The Lion King ” is made in 2018.
video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkJoM49AdwI

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The “Lion King”, full of pride, sculpture by Alexandr Karat at Bearte Gallery. Here you can buy artwork directly from the artist.

Alexandr is the  European Artist from Russia, dealing in the traditional technique of making sculptures, however, in a modern design.

Aleksander combines knowledge of human anatomy, professional technique and creativity, and thus creates unique and artistically valuable sculptures or figurines.

He creates works for individual orders as well as for public institutions

The “Lion King ” is made in 2018.

The sculptor has embodied in bronze the lions fighting for their “pride”. The group expresses the attitude of mind and emotions which the artist conceived and passed on to the viewer through the modelling of this piece of art.

This bronze sculpture shows the minutest detail, every single hair of the lion’s hide is coined and polished.

This splendour is brought to completion by the very spectacular pedestal with the bás-relief representing the lions and their pride.

This piece of work is executed according to the highest tradition of the classical sculpture. It is inimitable and made in a single exemplar.


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Dimensions 20 × 31 × 19 cm

Alexandr Karat

born January 15, 1982. Alexander started drawing and sculpturing in his early childhood. He had got his first lessons in the Art school, and then he studied sculpture by his parents (the Sculpture Professors). In the last years he closely studied the anatomy of man and animals. Having a great interest in the realistic art, he discovered for himself all the beauty of the human bodily plasticity and harmony, its dynamic expressiveness, which he later embodied in his works.

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