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The sigh of the Earth

Ivana OlbrichtIvana Olbricht Contact the Artist

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Sold by: Ivana Olbricht, Slovakia
Paintings, 2019, 200 × 120 cm

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An original extra large one of a kind palette knife abstract painting.

Earthy toned. Peaceful and energic at the same time.

Professional acrylics on a high- quality 400 g/m² linen loose canvas.
Golden color painted on one of the layers shines beautifully and comes to the surface as the light moves across the room.
Due to multiple layers various colors rise to the surface if looked from different angles.

The size of the canvas is 215 x 134 cm
The size of the actual painting is 209x 129 cm
After you have it stretched by any local framer onto a deep edge blind frame the size should be 200 x 120 cm. This way the painting will cover the edges as well.

Shipped rolled in a tube. Any local framer will easily have it mounted for you on o blind wooden frame or you can choose any other framing methods. Plenty of edges left for deep edge framing.

Acrylic on canvas protected with matt varnish.

Each of my paintings comes with a certificate of authenticity, hand signed by me- please refer to pictures.

Copyright ©2019 Ivana Olbricht All rights reserved.

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Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 200 × 120 cm

Ivana Olbricht

Ivana Olbricht is an independent professional full-time artist born in 1978 in Nitra, Slovakia.
In the earlier stage of her artistic career, she was presenting her artwork only in Slovakia. After her pressures twin- girls grew up a bit, she decided to go ‘’back on track’’ and showed her artworks to rest of the world as well. Since then her artworks are part of many private collections in her homeland as well as abroad. She graduated from analytical chemistry, but she exchanged the lab for a studio. It may seem that chemistry has nothing to do with the art; the opposite is the truth. She sees the world as a spectrum of colours, she breaks the reality into pieces, she looks under the surface, she brings highlights the important fragments and she is trying to capture her vision onto the canvas. Her favourite tool is a palette knife. She prefers creating extra-large paintings using thick layers of colours to convey depth texture and movement. It gives her enough space to ride with her craft tools, a room to play with layers, colours and texture. She doesn’t believe in mistakes. The art is an experiment. She doesn’t plan the outcome of the artwork, she stops once she feels the piece is ready. Her favourite tool is a palette knife. Her imagination and an open mind don’t allow her to focus only on one style and technique as art is about freedom, not a restriction. She believes that if we do not force things and let them flow everything will find its place. She often looks at life and things from above and this idea she adopts into her works as well as in her life.

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