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The Sunrise on Mars

Dmitrii UlianovDmitrii Ulianov Contact the Artist

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Sold by: Dmitrii Ulianov, Ukraine
Painted Object and 3D Painting, 2019, 120 cm

The artwork is made from fused plastic, it has no been painted.
Material: Mercedes headlights, plastic bottles, corks, caps, snowboards and toy fragments, lighters

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First, we settled the Earth, and then we littered it with an imperishable plastic. Now humankind is dreaming about the colonization of Mars, but are we ready for such a step, if we can not restore order on our planet?

This picture shows the sunrise on Mars. I have chosen Mars as the object of my art to show the place which people want to reach as next space goal, but society should remember that we must first clean up our planet. All of my works were made with using and by fusing of plastic, with no paint.

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Dimensions 120 cm

Dmitrii Ulianov

I’m a conceptual artist. Prefer to do my works without any paint, I draw with fused plastic, which I am usually finding at the streets and forests of my city.
The problem of ecology is significant for me; that is why I created such a direction of art. Therefore, I want to say that something beautiful can be created even from discarded garbage.

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