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They Are Not Here Anymore

Drawing, 80 × 50 cm

Sold by: Bea, Denmark

Portrait of Verner’s deceased parents. If you are interested in ordering a similar job for yourself, please contact me.

“They Are Not Here Anymore”, by Beata Piechocka (Piehotska) is a drawing on paper framed in the anti-reflection frame.

This is the portrait of Verner’s parents. They never really were together. It’s a sad story that touched my heart. Verner’s father died as a young man for tuberculosis before his son’s birth. Shortly after the birth of the son, the mother also died. So Verner was almost alone in this world. His grandmother took care of him.
Drawing is made on the basis of two photographs, one of Verner’s mother and the other of his father.
There are no photographs where parents would be together so I connected them together. Now the young woman sits and the man holds his hands on her shoulders in a caring gesture.
When creating this portrait I thought, at least that way, Verner will have his parents together.

If you are interested in ordering a portrait of yourself, your ancestors and loved ones, do not hesitate and contact me.

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Dimensions 80 × 50 cm

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