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Paintings, 60 × 80 cm

, 2017
Sold by: BeArte Gallery, Denmark
759,20 (Incl. local VAT 759,20)

Original Title: Toucan

In stock

The “Toucan”, is oil on canvas painting by Danuta Niklewicz, European Artist. The unique artwork which you can buy online at BeArte Gallery.

Danuta worked many years as a glass designer, which is why her paintings can be associated with a glass texture.

The Toucan figure looks like a reflection of the light from a crystal object.

Danuta brings volatile abstractions and impressionistic ideas into her paintings. The juicy combination of colors of the painting will be a perfect decoration for any interior.

The colors between originals and photos may slightly differ. This can happen because of differences in the quality of the monitors.

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Dimensions 60 × 80 cm

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