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Waiting for the rain

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Sold by: Ivana Olbricht, Slovakia
Paintings, 2019, 140 × 70 cm

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An original one of a kind original painting.

Pastel tones are created by using perl based acrylics created beautiful effects as the light changes across the room during the day.

Professional acrylics on stretched canvas.
Sides are painted light purple.


Each of my paintings comes with a certificate of authenticity, hand signed by me- please refer to pictures.


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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 140 × 70 cm

Ivana Olbricht

An established internationally collected abstract artist born in 1978 in Slovakia. Ivana Olbricht is well known mainly for her statement and bold artworks. Her unique technique is applied in various subjects and styles from the abstract landscape, vivid and colourful expressionism to clean minimalism. Thanks to layering and spontaneous colour blending her paintings are full of details, texture and movement. Not only her paintings give a viewer the visual experience but they bring along a message and positive emotions.
Ivana Olbricht graduated from analytical chemistry, but she exchanged the lab for a studio. She sees the world as a spectrum of colours, breaks the reality into the pieces, she looks under the surface, she highlights the important fragments and brings them to the surface.
She doesn’t believe in mistakes and doesn’t plan the outcome of the artwork. Many years of experience have taught her to listens to her intuition. She stops painting once she feels satisfied with the piece. Her work on canvas is innovative and experimental. Ivana observes life and situations from ‘’a distance’’ and adopts it into her works.
She is inspired by her travel experience around the globe, meeting different cultures, by the positive and the negative experiences, the magic of the forest, quiet seashores, children’s laughter, lights of the cities, the sweetness of candies – simply by everything.

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