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Wind Instrument

Paintings, 65 × 92 cm

, 2018
Sold by: Michal Warecki, Poland
1.590,00 (Incl. local VAT 1.590,00)

Original Title: Instr dety okrogly

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“Wind Instrument” is the acrylic on canvas painting by Michał Warecki. The Unique Art from European Artist.

A figurative painting painted in Michał’s famous style.

Expressive and alluring red background together with a slightly smiling girl creates an appealing picture. The trumpet adds even more emphasis.

“Wind Instrument” is a beautiful painting and wonderful decoration for any interior. Don’t miss your chance to get such a great decoration.

Due to the differences in screen quality, the colors in the images may vary slightly compared to the originals.


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Dimensions 65 × 92 cm

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