Buy art online? Easy to Say and Easy to Do

November 11, 2019 · 13 min read

Nowadays buying art online is much easier than it seems to be at a first glaze. Never before the access to art has been so global and so universal. The buyer from any part of the world can come into contact with artworks without even leaving the home. This gives you a much greater opportunity to learn about global trends than visiting local stationary galleries.

The advantage of online art platforms is that they not only present an unlimited number of artists, but their service is available 24 hours a day. You can see art even from your armchair during the weekends and on holidays. Isn’t it fantastic? 

Statistics for Art Market in 2018

Reports from the art market show how the number of online art buyers is increasing. The year 2018 brought further increases in the art market.

Sales in the global art market in 2018 increased by 6% more and, as a result, the market achieved a turnover of USD 67.4 billion

Online art sales increased by 9.8% and reached $ 4.64 billion

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The online art market undeniably develops and becomes a significant alternative to traditional physical galleries. In my opinion, the importance of online art sales will grow with the generational change together with the entry of the current younger generation into the market, for whom the virtual world is as real as the physical reality. 

For some art lovers, buying a piece of art through the internet may seem like a bad idea. Some may also feel objections, because the purchase of the work of art is often associated with high prices and, therefore, with potential risks. Surely, the offer to use the online gallery seems like a functional solution, but is it that simple for the average buyer?

Potential buyers may face a few doubts. Let’s look at them.

Where to buy Art Online - or What is the selection of online galleries?

There are many galleries on the market that propose similar solutions, and many customers may feel lost in all the offers.

We suggest this:

Get acquainted with prices and services of several online galleries. The most extensive galleries or art platforms does not necessarily have to be the best to use.

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Always check the final price. The artwork may seem cheap, but after adding the commission, insurance and shipping costs, it turns out that you have to pay much more than you planned. For comparison, BeArte Gallery charges only 18% commission from the artist. Compared to the average commission for competing galleries, where it quickly goes up to 50%, the fee is probably the lowest on the market. A high fee makes the artwork more expensive, and the consumer pays a kind of extended price.

Check also what kind of delivery the Art platform offers. Many galleries provide shipment in tubes. It is not necessarily much cheaper for you. After receiving the oil painting bought online and transported in the tube, the customer needs to frame the artwork himself with extra costs as a consequence. This cost, can in some cases be higher than the extra freight costs, not to talk about the work the customer has to do and the risk something goes wrong.

Further, remember about possible tax and customs if you purchase a painting from outside the European Union or the Schengen area.

Check if the artist you buy from has an education in art. Is this necessary? It can at least be a good indicator of the quality, if you do not have a solid background with art yourself. Very rarely, in our gallery at BeArte Gallery, we represent amateurs. When we accept self-taught artists, it only happens if their natural talent is significant; they have proven their abilities, participated in important art projects or exhibitions, and have an acceptable sales history. But first and foremost, the quality of their work must be on par with the educated artists. It’s not snobbish by any means, it’s about keeping a certain level of high quality art. Information about education, exhibition history, projects and rewards, can usually be found in the biography of the artist. Remember to check it.

If the artwork at the BeArte Gallery is more expensive than elsewhere – please contact us. It’s most likely a mistake.

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Why should I buy original art at all, if I can get cheap reproductions or posters?

Many people think that it is not worth spending more on artworks than 50 Euro. I agree that you can decorate your home nicely by buying cheap reproductions. And there is nothing wrong in doing so. It’s you who make decisions.

But if you are an individualist and it is not all right for you and you do care about what you have on the walls…

Well, the truth is that if you rely only on mass production from popular furniture brands, your beloved house will always look like thousands of others and sometimes even like the showrooms of these stores.

However, if you want your home to be your unique place, your oasis, and have the signature of your individuality. Then try to limit, to the necessary minimum, decorations from the above furniture stores.

If your home is full of mass production design items, in the end, you get the impression that you have no individuality, and you have the same house as any other neighbour within a radius of 1000 km. 

Seek for original oil paintings, watercolors, drawings, photographs and much more, not mass productions.

You can be sure that if you buy a single painting or a sculpture from an artist in a gallery with an educated curator, nobody will have the same.

What artworks should I choose?

It depends on what you’re looking for. If the artwork should match your new sofa, it will be about colours and size. However, it also depends on what motif would you like? What kind of style do you prefer?

Here is my advice: choose objects that move your feelings and imagination. Do not buy anything ultra-modern if it just does not suit your personality. The painting or sculpture will stay with you for many years, and you must feel good with it.

The Laid Back Women_photo_1
"The laid back women"
The Sun In The Grass_photo_8
"The Sun in the grass"
A Place To Be Who Knows Interior 1 1 A
"A Place To Be"

Can I afford original art?

First of all, most people think that they can not afford buying original art. Are you among these people? Nothing could be more wrong. When decorating your home, you can look for an alternative to mass design and popular furniture companies. The option is true original art, and yes, you can afford it!

In BeArte Gallery, we sell a large variety of art at many different prices. We sell art to all kinds of art lovers, and you will find beautiful works with absolutely affordable costs. Have you tried to take a look? Please contact me here.

Above all, unlike the giants of the contemporary art market, the offer of artworks on the BeArte Gallery platform is addressed not to investors and even not to experts, but to all art lovers, sometimes even people who treat the purchase of art online as a one-time action. It’s a safe place to go for everyone, as we make sure you’ll get the high quality, or what others call genuine fine art.

For whom does BeArte Gallery offer its original art online?

For everyone who is touched by the art, who has a personality that is sensitive to the originality and beauty. For anyone who wants to manifest to the world their individuality and social status.

So whether you’re a businessman, art collector, CEO, housewife, student or someone else, you can find the right art for yourself at BeArte Gallery.

You can’t find something that touches you? Please contact me here.

I have no idea on what occasions to buy art

Art can be bought on occasion or without any, or when you simply fall in love with art.

No more significant reason needs to come up, when you see an object that moves your personality, something that you just want to own. If feeling that artwork captured your attention plus strong desire to have it in your own place – then you have found art that you acquire.

Warning! I must warn you that buying art can become an addiction. You start with one painting or sculpture, and from there, you would probably want more art in your life. That’s how original art differs from mass production. This is something inexplicable. It doesn’t end at being just a perfect decoration for your home, it becomes something much more valuable; every time you look at an oil painting, watercolour painting or a sculpture, your emotions will be deeply touched. 

When it comes to the reason on why to buy art, I can imagine almost everyone being in the list. Any can afford to buy a piece of art at BeArte Gallery. So, let’s have a look at the available price ranges proposed on the platform:

  • Original oil paintings offered by artists from € 140
  • Prices for original drawings, in an impressive 140 × 180 cm format, can be found from € 300
  • Beautiful artistic photographs from photographers with multiply honors from € 285
  • Prices of time-consuming colleges performed in limited series, created by artists, start at just € 810
  • Prices of absolutely unique and stunning sculptures start at € 780

As you can see from these examples of prices, the purchase of a work of art by a non-investor is absolutely possible. 

Of course, the prices of offered items depend on both the individual expectations of the artists as well as on the formats or difficulties of the performed work of art.

Will you dare to check us out? Then see what offers we have for you here

Still not convinced? Always wished to become a true winner? Then we have something special prepared. At BeArte Gallery you can use the secure online auction. Buy a work of art online at an absolutely unique price. Register for free and bid.

Initial prices on our auctions start from € 100. The price you pay is your winner bid + only 18% in commission (Buyer’s Premium).

I’m sure that exposing your winning art on your walls, will make you feel really special.

Remember that all BeArte Gallery offers are related to original subjects, most often made by educated and even awarded artists.

Check out the available online auction here. 

Learn more about online art auctions here.

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Art is affordable, you can see it for yourself

Our online sales platform at Bearte Gallery has something else to offer you, our new additional features. Do you want to take advantage of the platform’s capabilities and buy an original piece of art at a really attractive price? Make your offer to the artist.

Some of our artists allow this opportunity. It’s worth it, right? All you have to do to do to take advantage of this offer is to look for artworks in the category of Making an offer.

What if the artist does not provide Make an Offer possibility?

Not a problem. You can still submit your own offer and negotiate the price. To do this, please contact the platform here.

BeArte Gallery acts as an intermediary in the transaction between the artist and the client. There will never be any additional payments from you except from what is written. In this way, you can offer your price for a given work of art and negotiate it directly with the artist.

What’s more, you can order the painting to suit your own dreams and desires; a commission work.

Look on how to do Offers here.

Make An Offer 2

What if the artwork purchased online does not match my expectations?

Many visitors are afraid of buying art online because they are unsure whether they will like the artwork in real life the same way as they liked it on their laptop or mobile phone. Or more, if the artwork will fit the room; the size or original colours. Or maybe, in case it’s a present, the receiver will not be so fancy about the gift.

First of all, the differences between the real object and the photo on the screen are really minimal, and in 99,99% of cases the original object will always be more amazing from what can be seen on a monitor.

In addition, BeArte Gallery provides customers with several helpful tools:

Pictures of the artwork in the interiors. Our artists show their paintings already in several interiors, to give the customer the best idea of how the work of art can be presented.

Zoom in and zoom out function. It will allow you to view the subject in close-ups. Sometimes even more significant than it is possible with the naked eye.

Another sensational solution you can use is the “Try Me” tool. It allows the buyer to check on how a work of art will be presented in your own interiors.

Just upload photos of the rooms from your home and check on how paintings and sculptures, you want to buy online, will be presented. So now you do not have to think about whether the painting is going to fit your couch, you can check it in real-time just by uploading photos of your walls.

If you are still worried that the item will not fit or that you may change your mind after receiving it – remember that you always have 14 days cancellation right, according to which you can return the purchase with no problems and without any reasons. Item costs will also be refunded to the account specified in the transaction.

Our shipments are insured. BeArte Gallery cooperates with proven and well known international couriers.

If the item is damaged during transportation, the insurance we always add to your purchase will cover all costs, and the money will be returned to you.

Nothing to worry about, with BeArte Gallery you get full refund and guaranteed safe shipment. Buy online with Us. 

Learn more about our policy here.

Maybe I want to buy art online, but I do not know if online transactions are safe?

The online transactions are safe. First of all, you always receive the confirmation of purchase and invoice. You also have 14-days cancellation rights. The money will be returned to you usually within 7 business days. However, I must say, at BeArte Gallery there were no cases of customers returning a work of art back.

At BeArte Gallery platform the transactions are carried out through a secure system in accordance with the requirements of the International Regulations on online transactions.

The purchase amount is charged from your account only upon sending by courier, only when purchased item is on its way. From that moment you can wait impatiently for your desired work of art.

E-commerce statistics

The first payment cards appeared in 1964. In 1984 the home banking system was introduced for the first time and since then forms of online payments have been developing dynamically

At present, online shopping is growing exponentially. The EU PSD2 directive protects the system’s security.

In 2018 global e-commerce grew by 18.0% which was more than it was assumed in 2017.

Internet turnover around the world was $ 2.86 trillion. E-commerce, therefore, is fully secured and doing well. It is an irreversible future in the world of trade.

Woman With Laptop And Credit Card Doing Online Shopping

I have no knowledge about art - I do not know what to do?

Our entire BeArte Gallery team is here for you. Especially I, the Curator of the Gallery, I will help you in finding or choosing the right artwork for you. You can contact me and I will give you all the help and advice I can. I am always at your service.

This may apply to the search of the work of art on the BeArte Gallery Platform as well as helping in adapting through the website. I can help you to find the item which will match your personality or surroundings you want to place your art in. I can also help if you would like to present to the world a work of art that belongs to you.

Don’t hesitate, just contact us.

Contact details

Advice in art: [email protected], [email protected]

Auctions, online transactions: [email protected]

Marketing:  [email protected]

Technical problems: [email protected] 

Why should I buy at BeArte Gallery?

Good question. There are so many similar online galleries, but we are still much different.

First of all, BeArte Gallery is not a typical marketspace for art. Our main goal is to sell art and to promote it among average buyers. We do not target our offers to investors. Our focus is art lovers like you, who would like to have contact with art on a daily basis; customers who want to find art that will move their feelings and emphasize their personal uniqueness.

We offer the works from artists associated with the European region. By any means, we do not discriminate against artists from other countries. But to perform a qualitative work, we have to limit the number of artists we cooperate with.

Another reason is that European art is part of our roots. The gallery itself is based in Denmark.

However, we are a group of people from many corners of Europe. We grew up here, educated ourself here and we understand the European art. This allows us to promote the works of our artists with honesty. We do not pretend that we know everything, but as we specialize in our area we maximize our attention both to artists and customers.

Limiting presence and the number of artists from each country in Europe, even if their roots are from other countries, allows us to better promote them. What distinguishes BeArte Gallery as the art platform from others, is that we are not just a marketplace. BeArte Gallery wants to pay enough attention to everyone. We contact all our artists individually, get to know them, communicate and support them, and make marketing auctions personally for each one of them based on their needs.

On the platform you can find oil paintings, watercolors, drawings, digital art and sculptures. You can use our tools to search for a suitable work of art: sorting by your criteria, viewing the artwork in the precreated interiors, choosing the right work of art with the “Try me” or “Make an offer” options.

In addition, if you have any problem in choosing a work of art, you can contact art curator directly.

Tools for buyers on the BeArte Gallery online art platform 

  • possibility to choose a work of art by categories such as prices, sizes, etc.
  • sorting system e.g. from last added, price etc.
  • visualization of artwork in the interiors
  • Make An Offer option
  • Try Me function
  • chance to contact the art curator in every situation related to the selection of a work of art
  • possibility to contact Gallery regarding ordering the artwork for commission

There is no investor behind our gallery, no speculation and we don’t need funding to survive. We share art because it is our mission, our way of life.

Additionally, remember about prices: at BeArte Gallery we have them lower than comparable galleries because we charge lower sales commissions from our artists. It allows our artists to sell and earn more for the hard work they perform in every work of art. 

And what about the additional costs for purchasing the piece of Art?

Of course, costs are important for the buyer. The commission charged by the BeArte art platform is lower compared to other similar platforms and is covered by the Seller not buy You. It’s always included in the prices you can find on the site.

The shipping price around Europe is included in the final price. Our transport is insured and we only use the best couriers available such as DHL. Thanks to this, shipments are secured and delivered to the recipient’s hands in time and fully safe.

Our payment system is secured and compliant with International online Trade Regulations.

Want to be sure, read our policy here.

It is also important to know that members (artists) of our artistic community can become part of our online gallery after the initial selection and personal acceptance by the BeArte Gallery’s curator.

Based on curator’s experience and art education, I try to find the artists who represent high-quality art. I also try to bring to the platform a wide range of styles so that every visitor can find something for themselves. 

And the final argument is: having artworks in your home gives you an amazing feeling. Mainly because artists put part of their soul and all their skills in their work. True art has a soul. It is not a result of robotic work, graphics software, or posters made in millions of printed copies. There is a human behind every artwork and the object itself emanates with energy that makes your world richer and fills it with positive vibrations. Real Art is UNIQUE. One of a kind. Try it yourself. Give up mediocrity, show your individuality, invite art to your home.

Buy art online safely. Get acquainted with BeArte Gallery’s offers.

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In Small City
Tone Fields 4 Interior 1080x1080 B
Tone Fields 4
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About the Author:

I am a co-owner of BeArte Gallery, art marketspace based in Denmark. I have an art education and I paint myself. I am also a part-time paint teacher for artists amateurs. Communing with art and contact with the artists is what moves me in life. Without art, my life would be devoid of emotions, higher meanings. I believe that thanks to Art, each of us has a chance to touch an absolute.

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