Cooperation Conditions for Artists

The easy way to sell your art on the international market

By creating a vendor profile on you get the chance to sell your art online to an international clientele.

Here are the headlines:


  • It’s free to have a profile and list your artworks
  • We do not require exclusivity over your artwork
  • We first charge our commission when you sell your artwork
  • You can freely use our auctions. We only charge a commission if your artwork is sold.
  • Our commission is always 18% for VAT registered artists and 22.5% for non-registered artists (this applies to direct sales and sales at auctions)
  • All payments are made directly to the BeArte Gallery. We payout your share when the customer’s 14-day return policy has expired
  • You issue an invoice to the customer – we forward your invoice to the customer
  • Our commission is deducted from the customer’s deposit – in case the customer returns your artwork, we do not charge a commission
  • You send your artwork directly to the customer
  • Customers pay all shipping costs
  • You decide your sales prices yourself. However, we do not approve sales prices that are higher than what you sell on other internet sites
  • We offer various services for which you have to pay. You decide if you want to use these services: advertising on the Google ad network; advertising on social media; preparing press releases and articles, and publishing these; participation in exhibitions etc.

What do I have to pay to cooperate?

Let’s just take the cost right up now. How much will it cost you? Basically, it’s free. You don’t pay anything if you don’t sell anything. First, when you start to sell, you start to pay for our services. We have a flat commission of 18% of the sales price for VAT registered artists and 22,5% for not VAT registered artists. Actually, the commission is the same, but when you sell as a private person, we have to add 25% VAT to our commission, so the total cost for you, if you are not VAT registered, will be 22,5%.

Our commission is always settled by the sales price. If the customer has received a discount, bought at a lower price under ‘Make an offer’, or bought an artwork at auction, our commission is always as described above.

What else?

What else? Nothing, that’s it. The rest is free:

  • Creating your profile: We approve it and correct it, check for spelling errors and make sure it is incorrect English
  • Uploading your artworks: We approve and correct them, check for misspellings and make sure everything is in proper English
  • Use of ‘Make an offer’: You can use the ‘Make an offer’ feature if you want to give your customers the opportunity to make a bid for your art. It can be a good way to get in touch with customers. Of course, you decide for yourself what price you want to sell.
  • Use our Auctions: You can use our Auctions for free. Here you can put your art on auction and hope for the best price. You can read more about our auctions, under the section on Auctions: Auctions; How To Bid; ‘The Right to withdraw; Transaction progress for auctions; Auction Terms and conditions.

Besides what you get for free, you can improve your sales opportunities by having your profile shown on the front page of our site, displaying your artwork on our front page, advertising on social media, advertising on Google, having articles written and published and much more. You pay for these services. If you would like to know more and these services, please feel free to contact us.

When do I get my payment?

When a customer buys a work of art, the customer’s payment is automatically reserved. We now have full control and control over the amount.

When you send your artwork to the customer, we change the reservation to a pay-out and the customer’s payment is transferred to our account within 5-7 working days.

According to European legislation, the customer has a 14-day right of withdrawal on all Internet commerce. This also applies to art purchases. However, this does not apply to commission work where the customer has ordered a work of art you specifically have to make for this customer.

The 14-day cancellation right starts from the day the customer receives your artwork.

When the period for the 14-day cancellation right has expired, we will transfer you your share of the customer’s payment within 2 business days.

Our bank transfer can take 2-5 business days. It depends on your own bank.

Our commission is always deducted from the customer’s deposit.

We will send you an invoice on our commission the same day we transfer the customer’s deposit to you.

Don’t pay us directly. We have already withdrawn our commission.

Marketing and discounts

In addition to the discounts that you choose to give yourself, we are entitled to give discounts up to 15% in connection with various campaigns. It can be a welcome discount to new customers; a promotion for customers who have just bought a work of art; part of a specific campaign etc.

We all need to make money and we don’t give discounts for fun. We only give discounts where it makes good sense and where the discount can motivate for purchase.

Our commission is independent of all discounts. This means that if given e.g. 12% off, our commission will still be 18% / 22.5% (see section on commission) of the sales price.

Exclusivity and sales prices

We do not require exclusivity over your artwork. You can choose to sell them wherever you want. Just remember that if you sell a work of art that you have available on our art portal, it must be made inaccessible immediately. Violation of this will result in our cooperation being terminated. A customer who buys a work of art already sold will be deeply disappointed. It is in everyone’s interest that no customers are disappointed.

You decide for yourself which prices your artwork will be sold to. We only have one rule: we do not accept that you place a higher price on your works of art with us than you take elsewhere. It will create unequal competition for us and will mean that your artworks are not sold through our art portal.

If you are unsure about which sales prices you should charge, you are very welcome to contact our curator, who is always at your disposal.

You can read more about sales prices in appendix B.

How is the sales process working?

BeArte Gallery is not a traditional gallery that sells your art on our own behalf. Instead, we facilitate your art. The difference is that you sell your art directly to the customer through us. We are a kind of commerce portal between a vendor (you) and a customer.

Our sales procedure work in this way:

  • A customer buys one of your artworks. Related to the purchase:
    • the artwork on our art portal is made inaccessible
    • customer payment is reserved (the fee charged by the credit card issuer to the transaction is paid by us)
  • We send an email to the customer and confirm their purchase (subject to availability)
  • You will receive an email stating that your artwork has been sold
  • You confirm within 24 hours that:
    • the artwork is available (always remember to update the availability of your artwork)
    • what date the artwork can be shipped and a 6-hour interval the courier can pick up in
    • shipping address
  • We send an email to the customer confirming the availability of the artwork and when it will be sent
  • We will send you a waybill from DHL, which you will attach to the package
  • The same day that you send your work of art, you must send us your invoice to the customer
  • We send an e-mail to the customer that the artwork has been sent. Along with this message, the customer receives your invoice
  • From the day the customer receives your artwork, the customer has 14 days of cancellation right in accordance with the rules of the European Union
  • When the 14-day cancellation right ends, we will send you an e-mail with our invoice (our commission). You should not pay it!
  • The same day that we send you the e-mail with our invoice, we will transfer you your share of the customer’s payment (the sales price minus our commission and the freight costs)
  • The process of sales is ended

Rights to texts, images etc.

If we are to help you sell your art, we must have the right to profile you and the art on our art portal and in the media we use.

In short, this means that all the texts, photos etc. which you upload on our art portal or send us by e-mail or electronics transfer, can be freely used by us without copyright fee, taxes or the like. The moment we have received your material, we have the right to freely use it.

If you send us material that others have rights to, this is an intermediary between you and not us.

If our cooperation is terminated, we will remove your profile and your artworks. But if you or the artworks have been included as illustrations on BeArte sites, on YouTube, in auctions, in articles, in promotions or the like, they will always appear on our site or with 3rd party collaborators.

We have no control over 3rd party collaborators, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, News magazines etc. If we have uploaded text or pictures, we cannot subsequently get the material deleted. It will be available to these media forever.

Interruption of the cooperation

You can stop our cooperation whenever you want. However, please be aware that we reserve 30 days to remove your profile and artwork from the day we receive your request to stop the collaboration.

Your request to stop the cooperation can be done by sending an e-mail to our curator.

We can also terminate the cooperation. We will usually do that if:

  • you violate our good conduct guidelines (always keep your profile and artwork up to date; do not offer sales prices that are higher with us than you sell elsewhere; negative publicity of our gallery, our business partners or the partnership agreement that you have with us)
  • uploading art that violates our directions (pornographic material; hate and violence; persecution or blasphemy of minorities – you can always ask our curator if you are in doubt)
  • your artwork is not available when a customer has purchased them (always keep your profile and artwork up to date)
  • if you have not sold a work of art for a period of 12 months (then we may not be the right partner for you)

If we choose to terminate the cooperation, you will receive an e-mail about this and your profile and artworks will be removed.


Appendix A: Transport sizes

All shipments are calculated as the volumetric weight with only a few exceptions such as heavy sculptures.

The volumetric weight is not the same as the actual weight. It is calculated by the volume of the package. If you sell a painting that measures 100 x 100 cm and is 3 cm thick, your package will probably measure 110 x 110 cm and is 13 cm thick. Of course, it depends on the way you pack. But remember: Your package must be properly wrapped. No one just as well fits your shipment as yourself. It will have to meet many different people on their way from you to the customer.

When calculating the volumetric weight, multiply all three sides and divide by 5000, e.g.: 110 x 110 x 13 / 5000 = 31,46 kg.

Please note: When adding the size of the shipping parcel, just a few centimetres more on each size can add 40-50% to the freight costs. Always pack your artwork safely, but do not exceed the needed packaging.


Appendix B: Sales prices

How do I find the best sales price for my artworks? It is always a difficult question. If you have already published a price on the internet, you know, however, that we do not accept that you put a higher price than it. It can be lower, but not higher.

The price of your art must reflect reality. It must be that low, that you can sell your art, but at the same time it must be so high, that it matches the demand from customers. Had it been jeans, it would be easier. But art is unique and it must be assessed from artwork to artwork.

We would recommend that you evaluate each work of art for itself. Some works of art may be of higher value than others. You are not a machine and if you calculate the sales price based on square centimetres, your favourite painting will cost the same as the painting you don’t find as good as the favourite. Remember, an artist sells a part of himself with the artworks.

A bit of good advice: if you can easily sell your art for example. € 1,000, then you should consider raising the price to € 1,100 (10% up). If you can’t sell it to € 1,100, you should lower it down to € 1,000 (10% down).

The value of your art does not necessarily reflect your talent. In art there is fashion and your art can sell well today, but less well tomorrow. If you are a popular artist, your prices may also increase because of demand increases.

Remember, you can always get good advice from our curator.

Although most artists hate the word marketing, it also has great importance whether you market yourself and your art. If you hide yourself and your art in your studio, you might create the world’s best-kept secret. Your art may sell itself, but only if your customers see it. If you need our advice on selling and marketing, please get in contact.

Is there a way to calculate my earnings?

Yes, and we have helped you fast calculate it. When you upload artwork, you don’t enter the sales price but your earning. When you update and save the page, we auto-calculate the sales price for you, so you always receive your expected salary. It’s fast, easy and a nice function.

If you are registered for VAT as a company, please remember to add your local VAT to your expected earning.