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Writers Page

Want to publish your words on BeArte Gallery?

We are always accepting submissions from new writers.

To submit, please email submissions@bearte.gallery. Include a brief bio, contact information, and a sample of articles or blog post you’d like us to consider, either attached as a Word doc or pasted into the email.

In general, we are interested in everything that has to do with art and culture. It can be documented articles, your personal experiences, news or your view to a subject.

We love when the word becomes personal, like art that reflects the artist. But just as we are not interested in displaying pornographic or violent art, we are not interested in texts that degrade or offend or attack minorities. If your text complies with European law, then we can publish them.

Words should not be limited, and we do not set requirements for the number of words, neither the minimum nor the maximum.

We accept previously published work as long as the content is relevant and updated.

We do not accept anonymous or pseudonymous pieces.

The rights to all articles and photographs lie with the author. It is his responsibility that there are no other rights holders and that publishing articles and photos on bearte.gallery, in our newsletters and on social media, does not infringe other rights owners.

If an article and photos are uploaded on the BeArte Gallery, the gallery will have the right to keep the material provided. However, the content may not be sold to third parties. All material can be used in newsletters and on social media. Where special rules apply to the social media used by the BeArte Gallery, we kindly refer to these media and their terms.