Gift Card Terms

Terms of use of the Gift Card

Protect the Gift Card like cash. The Gift Card is not refundable or redeemable for cash or credit.

The holder of the Gift Card is solely responsible for the use and custody of the same. In the event of loss or theft, the Gift Card cannot be refunded or exchanged under any circumstances. In such cases, presentation of the Gift Card purchase receipt and/or payment receipt shall not give entitlement to exchange or refund of the Gift Card.

The Gift Card entitles its holder the exclusive right to purchase, according to the existing balance of the same. Consequently, the Gift Card cannot, under any circumstance, be exchanged for cash or exchanged for gift cards or similar instruments (namely gift vouchers, credit notes, promotional codes, among others) of other commercial establishments.

If you want to use the Gift Card to make a purchase that exceeds the available balance on the Gift Card, you must combine the use of the Gift Card with additional payment

The value of the Gift Card is valid from the moment it is activated. The Gift Card may be used to purchases the holder wishes to make until the balance of the same runs out.

Artworks purchased with a Gift Card can only be exchanged for other artworks.



The Gift Card is valid for 6 months from the date it’s purchased, after which any remaining balance will be removed, and the card will become invalid and no longer available for use.

Furthermore, on expiry of said period, the existing balance of the Gift Card cannot be exchanged by any means or claimed by the holder of the Card under any circumstances. Gift Cards cannot be recharged. Under no circumstances can the existing balance of the Card be refunded to the holder, either in cash or by any other payment method.


Governing Law and jurisdiction

These conditions are governed by and construed under the laws of Denmark and the European Union. You agree, as we do, to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Danish courts.