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Haydn Dickenson
Mixed technique, Acrylic, Pencil
102 × 76 cm

Nice meeting you here, I am Haydn Dickenson

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Customer Reviews:

“I have recently purchased a painting which I saw online. It is a very colorful and bold abstract painting. I am now the happy owner of that beautiful painting. I just want to let you know, that Mr Thomas Lyngskjold was more than helpful in concluding the transaction, which was a bit complicated. He was very patient and the end result is, that the painting is in my apartment and I am looking at it.  Thank you again.”

Bella Funkelstein, NYC, America

“Dealing with the BeArte gallery is a great experience which I can highly recommend. A combination of creativity and professionalism, whether it’s a painting that they already have or a commission that they engage, ensures the buyer gets exactly what they are looking for.”

Mr. Henderson, UK

Inner world of Haydn Dickenson

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Mixed media on Canvas.
122 x 92cm
Ready to hang

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Haydn Dickenson

“BeArte Gallery is the answer to a long-felt need in the art community – an interactive art site that holds the interests of artists as paramount. Dismayed by so many oversized online galleries giving scant attention to artists once signed-up, I am delighted to have been invited to join BeArte. For the art-buying public too, this outfit is a revelation, providing comprehensive information both visual and written about all artworks, together with a smooth and trustworthy purchasing experience.”

Passionate Colors in Abstract Forms

Recently sold Artworks

“I first met Haydn Dickenson through his music, which I discovered on a website showcasing the work of Artists and Musicians of diverse genres. He was in London, I in Paris.

One day, I had begun to paint and had posted some examples of my work on the site. Haydn, much impressed, had exclaimed “This inspires me to paint again! To move aside from the piano a little!” It was in Spring 2007; and it was a great surprise to me, but not as much as when Haydn subsequently showed me some of his own sketches and drawings.

Reviews of Haydn Dickenson's Art

“This is one of those paintings that I would see in an exhibition that would make me stop and look. Not because it hit me between the eyes, but rather because it would whisper in my ear and then I would need to spend some time sussing out what is really so damn intriguing about it.”

(Royce Deans, Artist)

“The Art of Haydn Dickenson is like a true symphony, whose depth in all its diverse movements, inner ‘nerve’, expressive energy, live creative impulse, artistic passion and constant search take us beyond reality into spheres of the infinite. These are works that resonate with the heartbeat of life.”

(Dasha Balashova, Artist)

“A delicious ecstasy. A euphoric surrender. A spiritual release in liberating tones. An irresistible temptation by the contemporary British artist.”

(Art Historian,
Lily Lacey-Hastings @thewunderkammerof_lilye)

“Haydn’s works are of high diversity, ranging from broadly abstract nude figure studies to wholly abstract pieces. Displaying outstanding technique and ideas, these works are born of a creative mind full of high ambitions and profound self-expectation.”

(Lisa Bucholz, Artist)

“Cryptic clues lurk between the restless layers. Burnt orange smoulders beneath the charred black. An enigmatic ecstasy by the contemporary abstract artist.”

(Art Historian,
Lily Lacey-Hastings @thewunderkammerof_lilye)