Limit Bidding Form

About Limit Bidding Form

Limit Bidding Form is a bidding request for BeArte Gallery to bid on my behalf up to the amount specified below.

At the same time, BeArte Gallery guarantees that it will buy the said work of art at the lowest possible price up to the limit specified below.

If several requests are submitted for the same artwork, BeArte Gallery will only represent the customer who placed the first bidding request.

Receipt of confirmation from BeArte Gallery is tantamount to acceptance of the request.

Bidding requests received later than 24h before the start of the auction may not be considered.

The limit and all registration data are strictly confidential information and will not be disclosed to third parties.

A scan of the completed and signed document should be sent to BeArte Gallery at [email protected]

We require from Buyer to send to BeArte Gallery a scan of ID document: passport, driving license or similar ID with photo.

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The completed form and scan of ID must be sent at [email protected]