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Fire of the Century – Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral Was Destroyed

Yesterday the whole world was observing with beating hearts the fire of the century.

Horrible news caught Paris yesterday evening, famous Notre Dame Cathedral was burning. Flames burst through the roof and started to spread quite fast. The fire was unstoppable as quite quickly it engulfed the tower, which soon collapsed.
Police were saying it began accidentally and may be linked to building work at the cathedral. Indisputable masterpiece and one of the favorite touristic places with vivid history faced yesterday the hardest burden in its 850 years.
After many hours of hard work of more than 400 firefighters, it is still hard to say how bad are the destructions.
French President Emmanuel Macron posted in his Twitter compassionate message:
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Our history is based on our culture, which has been developed in the architecture, music, sculptures, visual arts, theatres and literature. Losing a part of its culture is like losing part of its identity. There may not be many voters in spending money on art and preserving our culture. But it is absurd that even the same politicians who oppose any kind of immigration. and integration of the same people never fights for the preservation of our own culture. With a strong culture, no one needs to be ‘afraid’ of foreign cultures.
The truth is, it is not cultural influences that we must fear, but corrupt and/or incompetent politicians, from every continent, populists, suppressive religions, greed, inequality and censorship that keep people from developing. Without all of this, we could all live happily and our cultural heritage would survive, no matter if we live in North, South, East or West.
Our support goes to the French people.

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