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Pop Art is, as most would say, a reaction to overly abstract art, whether pop art is rather trivial, even naive. It is not a surprise that pop art came from the English, predominantly American cultural space. Susanne Boehm accepted it as it is, and involved new-teutonic lightness in her artistic touch. Consequently, this art does not demand absolute reality, as well as no clear inviolable purity of the elements.

Susanne Boehm is the protagonist of the “New German Pop Art”. In her exhibition “Power Pop”, that was held in the Galerie im Schloss (Hemsbach, Germany), Susanne was inspired by her own world. In her works, she displayed “a lot of power”. Power in every respect: Powerful colors, Original patterns, Novel painting technique. And empty faces. In a way, a trademark, because, as the curator quotes the artist, these spaces invite the viewer to complete the scene themselves. Despite such self-assured demarcation from the overseas tradition, Susanne Boehm remains true to the nature of Pop Art: her motives are taken from the banal everyday culture, the Zeitgeist (is a concept from 18th- to 19th-century German philosophy, translated as “spirit of the age” or “spirit of the times”), also the mass media, from the daily newspapers to the news from Internet. So her artworks remain almost photorealistic and are figurative because of their flatness, they are very recognizable because of what they represent.

Susanne Boehm

Susanne Boehm "Power Pop" Exhibition
at "Power Pop" Exhibition
"Bar" Susanne Boehm
"Bar" by Susanne Boehm

"Backside (Seaside)"

Backside (Seaside)
by Susanne Boehm


by Susanne Boehm

Of course Susanne plays with the elements of Pop Art, with clear primary colors, reduced to the essentials and always rich in contrasts to the pain threshold. Dr. Paul Weskamp, who introduced the exhibition and has long accompanied Susanne Boehm on her artistic journey, also recognized that she could let off steam in her desire for bright colors on sharply defined surfaces.

Formally, the painter is interested in aesthetic motives, in the content of the rather small absurdities of everyday life, to which she approaches in a playful, sometimes profoundly ironic and slightly provocative manner.

Let’s have a look at the perfectly displayed mental depth that is performed in the “Backside (Seaside)” artwork. The large-format work shows the rear view of an older couple, who are united in understanding, harmony and depressing indifference at the same time, in grief and pain, perhaps on the last day of the holiday with a resigned view of the deep blue sea.

The similar scene we see on the “Summertime” painting. This time, two elderly women admire the view of the water, somewhere at the beach. The color scheme is bright and cheerful, seems like everything is obvious and on the surface, but true emotions that are hidden in these faceless figures are deeper. Looking at someone from the back you can hardly recognize what he or she is thinking about. That’s why it is a key point of the artwork, with no face the figure and surrounding world can tell much more than shown emotions on the face. People are anonymous in their grief, happiness or strangeness.

"Beach Life"

Beach Life
by Susanne Boehm

In “Beach Life” Susanne Boehm uses an interesting trick, the story is told from a bird’s eye view combined with a detailed piece where the anonymous here is shown. The artwork is the pure joy of life. Susanne uses minimalistic and clear forms. With her mastery, she is able to create and convey to the viewer the full picture of summer in one artwork.

To conclude it would important to say that Pop Art nowadays has much more layers. And even though, it was not taken seriously when it emerged, nowadays artworks in Pop style can stand both for ease, simplicity and for deep meanings with multilayering.

The article was created by Susanne Boehm. To start your acquaintance with the wonderful world of Pop Art, we welcome you to review the profile and fantastic artworks of the artist.

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