Riccardo Ticco Capparella – Immersion Into Another Dimension

January 28, 2019 · 2 min read

Nouveau style and Cymatic… From the quick analysis, you would definitely say – There is no connection between these 2 concepts. And from the logical way, you are definitely right. But we are an Art Gallery, and basically, Art can prove that anything is possible. Even such a phenomena as a combination of artistic style and physics which coexist together.

Art Nouveau, or also known as an ornamental style of art, flourished between about 1890 and 1910. It was quite popular throughout Europe and the United States. To give you clear and short insight, it would be important to say that Nouveau is characterized by the use of a long, sinuous, organic lines. Its philosophy was in favor of applying artistic designs to everyday objects, in order to make beautiful things available to everyone.

Cymatics, on the contrary, is pure physic. It is the study of visible sound and vibration. Sound waves can not only create waves that we hear but also create waves that are visible. All you need is an appropriate surface which makes visible the inherent geometries within sound and music.

So, what is common between Nouveau style and Cymatic? – Artworks by Riccardo Ticco Capparella. 

Ticco is a young artist whose creative process investigates the profound contrasts between lights, shadows, darkness and saturated colors, placing each work in an almost esoteric dimension. He is working with tempera, ink, and acrylic.

The geometries and the graphics that appear on his canvases are not only the result of cymatics. The origin lies deeper, as there are a force and the object on which the shape is created.  Also, there is Ticco, he appears to be a conduit, constant who is guided by the sound vibrations.

All these complicated synesthetic relationships inspire Ticco. In his work, you can find echoes of great Wassily Kandinsky, as he spoke a lot about interactions between form and color.

Riccardo Ticco Capparella is definitely a great discovery for BeArte Gallery. We are happy to share his artworks with our guests and followers. His art will bring you to another dimension, it will broaden your conscious. So make sure to check his artworks here.

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