Shipping Costs

Worldwide shipping

BeArte Gallery uses DHL as a courier for all its shipments. We have chosen to cooperate with DHL because it gives us a certainty that all shipments arrive without damage and as soon as possible. addition to the standard freight liability, we financial protection to our customers against all risks of physical shipment loss or damage, from any external cause.

Can you as the customer arrange the transport?

As a starting point, we want to give you the best experience and service. If you wish to arrange the transport of your purchases yourself, this can be done by prior arrangement. But, if you arrange the transport yourself, it will also be under your responsibility. This will make your 14-day return policy harder to maintain, as you are liable for the damage yourself.

Shipping insurance

All shipments arranged by BeArte Gallery are insured against damage and loss. The sum insured amounts to 1% of the value of the subject. The buyer always pays transport insurance. You can read more about shipping insurance here.

Shipping prices

Our freight rates are calculated on the basis of current freight rates from DHL, plus a variable oil supplement.

Don’t cheat yourself with hidden shipping costs

It always costs something to have an item shipped from A to B. We have chosen not to include shipping costs in the price of the artworks sold by our artists. That way, you only pay the real costs when you shop art at BeArte Gallery and avoid the hidden costs and fees.