Svetoslav Stoyanov – New Achievement

The Art world is all the time in the progress, things change together with the outside world. And every artist tries his/her best to achieve new heights and appreciation, both from the art community and from the viewers.

We are happy to announce that our talented artist – Svetoslav Stoyanov has achieved a new and important step in his artistic career. Svetoslav was honored to get the Positive Critical Analysis from The International Confederation of Art Critics (ICAC).

ICAC is a community of professionals qualified in History of Art, Curatorial Studies and other related fields. Their role is as an interpreter, a translator of the wonderful disciplines incorporated in visual art. Art Critics have the responsibility to act as the trait d’union between the viewer and the artwork.

Here are some of the points of the Analysis:

“Svetoslav Stoyanov’s oil paintings are exquisite manifestations of a gifted mind that are formed by surrealist compositions able to transform the subjects into entirely novel and unexpected entities capable of surprising and moving an observer.

Stoyanov beautifully captures the passing of time and the sense of burgeoning new horizons by depicting a wide range of symbols throughout his work. Svetoslav possesses an artistic vision and imagination that goes beyond the usual confines of the human mind that enables him to uniquely interpret his surroundings.

Stoyanov is tremendously imaginative and takes inspiration from an infinite array of stimuli. It is evident throughout Stoyanov’s work that he is incredibly observant and analytical of his surroundings and this clearly impacts his artistic style and approach. Svetoslav has a great passion for his art and a powerfully strong connection with his imagination and subconscious mind that is beautifully communicated in his innovative and unique creations that serve as a testament to his immense talent.”

Timothy Warrington
International Confederation of Art Critics

The Critical Analysis from ICAC is another proof of great talent of Svetoslav Stoyanov. But we were charmed by Svetoslav’s artworks from the very first second. And we are very proud to represent and share his paintings with the followers of our gallery. 

Svetoslav Stoyanov – New Achievement Article

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