The Guy with the Ear and His Vibrating Restaurant

January 27, 2019 · 3 min read

For my part, I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.

Van Gogh

The statement that artists become famous only after death is half true, considering stories of the most famous ones but it would be trivial to say so. Nowadays, it is a little easier to become famous during life, as you can use internet tools in a more skillful way. Presenting and spreading your artworks and ideas has never been so easy before.

Everyone probably heard about Van Gogh. Sometimes I thought that he was probably more known for his difficult life than for his art. And I wondered what is more important here then? – His life, as a good topic for a novel or a movie, or actual talent and influence on the emergence of further directions in art. Van Gogh did not have great recognition during his lifetime as well as he did not have all the tools that are available to contemporary artists nowadays. Only after his death, he became the most famous Post-Impressionist.

Over time, the world appreciated his contribution to the development of art. Walking around the exhibition in Arken (Moder Art Museum in Denmark), I had a feeling of lack at the beginning. As everything seemed to be so simple… Just think, we are bombarded with interactive programs from all over, living in a world overloaded with short and simple contents, we turn into fools when we look at something that is simple, simple like a picture. Trees, landscapes, sky, fields, restaurant interiors – all these are simple things. Nothing flashes, nothing disappears, nothing forces you to guess: what the artist wanted to say by this piece of canvas? Just an ordinary representation of reality painted with funny brush strokes. Without an intellectual contribution, not manifesting socio-political ideas but simply – CLEAN ART. Artist, object, creative act and its result, everything that needed. How pure and maybe even naive it may sound in the modern world. Simply light and color forming shapes and passion as a glue between them.

Van Gogh must be seen as an artist whose give us purity of his art. The purity of the relationship between the impression and its projection. The exhibition included many stunning and well-known works by Van Gogh, including his portrait and “Yellow House”. However, a less-known artwork caught my attention.

I was charmed with the painting “Interior of the restaurant”. It is a painting that is covered with questions as well as with incredible details. Accurately dating Interior of a Restaurant in Arles has been difficult, largely because van Gogh never mentioned the painting in any existing letter. But no precise information about this artwork doesn’t make it less incredible.

It is an image that no photo can convey. Even the illustration I used for this blog makes me feel pity and not satisfied, as it has nothing to do with the original. Who is interested in the empty interior of a restaurant? However, it is not important. As this painting is not about the context – it’s all about light and color.

The restaurant is a pretext to show all these luminous phenomena, the dance of the color, those hallucinations that our eyes experience and which the artist presented masterfully with the light. I had the impression that the air in the restaurant vibrating, the colors were ringing, they were clean and loaded at the same time. I was fascinated by this dance. I tried to analyze how the artist built shapes, what colors he used, what and how he contrasted. However, these intellectual puzzles have only made me feel tired. Have Van Gogh analyzed as much I did before putting paint on the canvas? I think everything was simply driven by his emotion, passion and the need to create.

I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process.

Van Gogh

Not because of his cut ear, but because of the dance of light and sound of the colors, because of the vibrations of the air on the canvas, and this ubiquitous, uncompromising and pure artistic soul – Van Gogh must be seen.

– Beata Piechocka, Gallery BeArte

About the Author:

I am a co-owner of BeArte Gallery, art marketspace based in Denmark. I have an art education and I paint myself. I am also a part-time paint teacher for artists amateurs. Communing with art and contact with the artists is what moves me in life. Without art, my life would be devoid of emotions, higher meanings. I believe that thanks to Art, each of us has a chance to touch an absolute.

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