Trump, Johnson and Paludan were Canceled!

A 19 years old artist, unknown to the public up to this day, became controversial, famous and accepted as creating political confontation just in a few days. What a young artists did is he created a large artwork showing Donald Trump, Boris Johnson and a Danish radical politician Rasmus Paludan (the last mentioned with his middle finger pointing up). The artwork was made for an art camp organized by the Johannes Larsen Museum, and it was placed in from of the City Hall of the town Kerteminde.

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Credit for the artwork goes to Jyllands-Posten

I will not discuss the artwork just congratulate the young artist as his painting was sold immediately and I expect, because he received the perfect publicity both on the leading news providers, Social Media and from the local politicians. In this situation, I am also pleased that an experienced and skilled artist, Søren Parmo, was able to step in and assist the young artist. It may not be far from Søren Parmo with his experience and active work with many humanitarian organizations and important events to promote Danish art. But it is great when experience can support the youth.

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The ‘real’ publicity to the artwork came when Knud Ahrnkiel, from the Environment Party, the same evening it was installed in front of the City Hall, took the painting up for debate at the town council meeting. According to Knud Ahrnkiel, the painting was filled with political messages. It mocked the three people painted. Three men who just want to defend their countries. Three people, who want to protect their countries? Allow me to laugh. We do not agree with this either, Knud Ahrnkiel. Nor do we agree that painting is political. You made it political with the act you did. But the artist only expressed emotions. The way he feels fear from a dividing world he is a part of.

Why was the painting censored?

Because some politicians could get a little publicity? 5 minutes of fame? If so, then they are just as crazy as the three men painted. Fortunately, the story is more laughable than dangerous. Like the fact that the politicians are in question with the mayor, Kasper Ejsing Olesen who participated in this disgraceful act of letting this artwork to go through on the streets, which is obviously ridiculous. The beautiful end of the story is that the painting is now known by all Danes and that the young artist has had it sold. Knud Ahrnkiel tried to censor an artwork and instead, he made it famous. News about the unusual painting went viral and a lot of people have already gotten their chance to speak about it.

The sad story is when some people, in this case, a group of local politicians, think they know things better than others. Let me fix it right away – You don’t, and you should never involve yourself with art again. Respect it instead!

Many artists live and breathe for their art. They would rather starve for two days if it can get them money for a new canvas where they can express inner feelings, passion and emotions. I would like to see just one politician do the same; both the starving and show a little from the inside.

Art creates debate. It makes us move, talk together. It may be provocative, but it is in such provocations our society change. Nothing changes from the hands of old men sitting in a City hall pretending to be wise or smart. I’ve written about it before. Political censorship of the arts is not new. But it is shameful. Especially if it is done by people who work more for themselves than for others.

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