Unreal Love Story

January 27, 2019 · 2 min read

We all know about love and how it arouses various emotions, which can be compared with a symphony orchestra, that composes music. Music that can be loud and suddenly quiet, where flutes create tranquility and violin creates drama. It is the same with Kristof Ludwin’s 5 watercolors about the dancer Karolina and Leon. If we really have a close look at the paintings, the full story will emerge. But not necessarily the Kristof Ludwin’s story, more the story we create ourselves.

“The Dancer Karolina”

In the past, we all were good at creating stories and going with our imagination. Perhaps we have lost some of that ability with all the progress nowadays. But it is actually still the same thing that happens when we read books and create images in our heads. But with paintings it is just the other way round; Here we get the pictures to create the story ourselves. And more we look at the details of the watercolors, the deeper we can go with the creation of our story.

It’s fun to create a story based on a painting. To feed your imagination I would recommend to put some music on and pour a glass of good wine or maybe some beer, or just your favorite drink. No matter how you handle the preparational process, give yourself a little peace and you are ready to observe the paintings. Let them slowly access your mind and create the unique story of love. You can add humor or maybe passionate thoughts if you want. The story will be fully yours and it is you who decide how to start and in what way to end it. This is what we should experience when dealing with paintings and art of painting. We get the picture, but we create the story ourselves.

“The dancer Karolina dreams about Leon”

So have fun with Karolina and Leon. I hope the artworks will affect you, just as they affected me: with Smile and Joy.

– Thomas Lyngskjold, Gallery BeArte

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When words are used correctly, they can create beautiful meanings and rich phrases. Like art. When the writer does not understand the craft of writing, words become incomprehensible as, for example, 'Covfefe'.

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