VAT, Taxes & Currency

VAT, Taxes & Currency on BeArte Gallery


For customers

At BeArte Gallery the prices are always incl. VAT. The VAT is calculated from two factors:
A) the seller’s VAT status: whether he is VAT registered or not VAT registered;
B) If the seller is registered for VAT, his national VAT rate applies.

Local taxes and excise duties, on the other hand, are not included. You have to make sure you settle these with the authorities in your home country.

If you are a private individual within the European Union, you have to pay VAT. But if you deal with an artist directly, the VAT depends on whether the artist is registered for VAT. If the artist is not registered for VAT, you will not be charged VAT, because there is no VAT to be charged. If the artist is registered for VAT, the VAT that the artist must charge will be included in the price of the artwork in the sales price shown.

If you are a company within the European Union, you should not be charged VAT in cases where the artist is registered for VAT, unless both your delivery address and the artist are from the same country.

If you are a company, or a private person, with a delivery address outside the European Union, you do not have to pay VAT. As described above, you must pay local taxes and excise duties instead. You should check with your local authorities what taxes and duties you have to pay. BeArte Gallery and the seller are not responsible for local taxes and fees.

For artists

Information about VAT will be display on the item page together with price.

You must inform BeArte about the VAT rate in your country and whether you are VAT registered or not VAT registered.

If you are a VAT registered artist, you must charge VAT on the items you sell for private customers inside The European Union as well as companies with a delivery address in the same country you are registered for. Companies outside The European Union, as well as private persons outside The European Union, must not be charged VAT.

Regardless of whether you are a private person or if you act as a company, you have an obligation to settle with your local tax office yourself. Contact your local office and find out what taxes are due for your activity.

By registering with BeArte Gallery you undertake to pay all due taxes resulting from the sale process and as required by national and European law.

If your country is not covered by EU commercial law or you are obliged to pay taxes in accordance with the law of your legislator.

BeArte Gallery is not responsible and does not settle taxes for artists.

If you have more questions about VAT, taxes and customs duties, feel free to contact us or contact your local authorities.

It is also your responsibility to issue a bill or invoice and send it to BeArte Gallery, who forward it to the customer. Based on it, BeArte Service Online transfers funds to the indicated account.

You as an artist specify the VAT rate depending on the country in which you resides and depending on whether you are registered as an individual or a company.


All trades at the BeArte Gallery take place in Euro (€).