Agnieszka Rogowska
Agnieszka Rogowska 
Art direction:
Contemporary Art
About Agnieszka Rogowska

Polish artist living and working in Warsaw


Agnieszka graduated from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts.


She works primarily with oil painting on canvas but is also interested in acrylic art and mixed techniques.

Her interest is the color, as a tool for artistic creation, and it is something that inspires her in almost all her works.

The process of Agnieszka's painting starts by finding a specific object; landscape, flowers, etc. The object would be then reduced by her in colors, the moment the brush strokes through her perception and imagination. In Agnieszka's art, you can see inspiration from the Colorists, but also the impressionists and Les Nabis. Her signature is particularly evident in the approach to the landscape, which she reduces and simplifies for a visual impression.

Agnieszka is opposed to the great Realism in her art. For her, artists should be creators and not the copyist.


2019: individual exhibition Smelik&Stokking Galeries, The Hague
2019: exhibition in Hilton Hotel, The Hague, Amsterdam and Rotterdam
2017: Individual exhibition in Tuchola city
2014: individual exhibition Smelik & Stokking Galeries, The Hague;
2013: jubilee exhibition Smelik & Stokking, The Hague, Amsterdam;
2012/13: post-competition exhibition IV Triennale with Martwa Natura, in BWA Sieradz;
2012: post-competition exhibition of the "Color of the Sea" European Painting Competition, Gdynia;
2012: collective exhibition Smelik & Stokking Gallery, The Hague in Amsterdam;
2011: post-competition exhibition of the Second Master Cup International Illustration Biennial, Beijing;
2011: post-competition exhibition II Painting Triennale "Animalis", Chorzów;
2010: post-competition exhibition of the 48th bankruptcy SWLA in The Mall Galleries, London;
2009/11: post-competition exhibition III Triennial with Martha Natura, BWA Sieradz, Kalisz, Kielce, MR Bełchatów, MCC Nowy Sącz, MGSz Częstochowa, ChCK Chorzów
2009/10: post-competition exhibition of the 5th International Biennale of Painting and Fabrics, Eko Balt, Gdynia.

Awards and Highlights

The prize winner of competitions organized by the Chinese Association Illustrators Federation and the Beijing Gallery Ziteng: 2011 - Award Organizers (Special Price for Host Units and Joint Hosts), 2007 - Honorable Review, 2005 - Third Prize.

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