Anna & Vladyslav
Anna & Vladyslav 
Art direction:
Contemporary Art
About Anna & Vladyslav

Fantastic young couple of artists from Ukraine. They combined their love for each other with a love for art. They’re painting together. Anna, as a well-educated artist, gives the first form to the paintings, Vlad as a talented amateur gives the art a final touch. Isn’t their approach fantastic? It definitely is. Their art is unique, so make sure you don’t miss it!
Anna Dobzhanskaya was born in Cherkasy (Ukraine) in 1999. Vladyslav Sabo was born in Cherkasy (Ukraine) in 1995. Now Vlad and Anna are living in the capital of Ukraine – Kyiv.


Anna is currently studying at Kyiv National University of T. Shevchenko ( her major is English, French and Spanish philology). She graduated from Art School of Daniel Narbut (Cherkasy) in 2016. Vlad always wanted to try himself in drawing and he is very ambitious and talented in his desire, you can say - natural born artist.


Anna says: "I have always felt and had been influenced by the surrounded beauty, and Vlad inspires me in many ways too. Our world is beautiful. In our works, we depict a personal view of the world, the Universe and nature. We are dreamers and believe that we are part of something “bigger”.


Their first exhibition: «Collaborative Art: Pain 9, Space Warriors » - Vagabond Café & Vintage Corner, Kyiv - 2018

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