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Today, art in all its beauty and with all its hues is more important than before. In a world where everything moves faster and faster and most impressions are descended from inconstant digital images on social media and news which repeat their messages over and over again, art is a separate space where all people can find momentum for the peace of the noise surrounding us. Art must at once give us immersion and tranquility while moving and expanding our perspective. When it has a great effect, we find the real value of the art. Each person is influenced differently by art and a certain piece of art can touch so deeply that one viewer will immediately have tears in the eyes, and another will only get turmoil and irritation from it. But that’s what makes the art so unique.

At the Gallery BeArte, you will find art from all over the world created by contemporary artists. We seek the best among already established artists and new up-and-coming young talents. We do not choose from the styles itself, we choose from the unique ones. Our top artists must have their own signature engraved on their works, as we expect that their background and education were acquired by them from the old techniques of the great artists. It must be recognizable, unique, and innovative, so the quality of the works of art is for sure clear to everyone.

In our portfolio, our clients can easily find both paintings and sculptures. We personally stand for all our artists and in the effort to create the best for our clients, we support our artists every day with inspiration and advice on trends and new techniques that help them get their inner feelings and thoughts illustrated and expressed through their paintings and sculptures, through the world of their customers.

The artist creates and we are very happy to convey the results of its creation. Although it is known that after Cubism there have not been appearing new leading schools, we are seeing and meeting new artists every day, they are striking us through unique and wonderful art.

At Gallery BeArte, we have the artworks we want to offer to our clients. Art that is able to show and reflect our time; Tell our story; Art that allows us to live.

Welcome to Gallery BeArte, we hope you will find joy, peace, and inspiration through our selected works of art.

Beata & Thomas

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Sylwia Caban
Sculptures and reliefs
21 × 19 × 37 cm
Joanna Szumska Vinoteca
150 × 110 cm
Anna Olinska
65 × 92 cm
Piotr Woroniec Jr.
Aurora Ratio AB
80 × 60 cm
Jakub Szymanski Trees
46 × 61 cm
Anna Masiul - Gazdecka
Small Ballerinas
60 × 80 cm
Marcin Mikolajczak
Act in Pistachio Color
70 × 70 cm

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