Katarzyna Puchowska
Katarzyna Puchowska 
Art direction:
Contemporary Art
About Katarzyna Puchowska

Polish young, natural born artist. Katarzyna workes and lives in Poland. He comes from a family connected with art.


Kasia is an educated artist from the Department of Journalism at the University of Warsaw and the Institute of Education at the University of Bydgoszcz. Art has been always present in her life, but only after her studies, she found time to pursue her great passion; her path in the abstract painting. In her work, she mainly uses acrylic paints and is especially interested in the discovery of new and unique techniques.


Kasia herself says that the greatest passion she finds in the abstract painting would be the place where the shape and colors are met like an infinite creation.

Awards and Highlights

1) Rubio Art exhibition - Gdańsk - October 2014
2) Polish art and fashion show - BAKALIE - European Solidarity Center Gdansk - December 2014
3) Polish art and fashion show - BAKALIE - European Solidarity Center Gdansk - April 2015
4) Art and Design Fair - PATTERNS - Krolikarnia - Ksawery Dunikowski, a branch of the national museum - Warsaw - April 2015
Mustache Yard Sale - Palace of Culture and Science - Warsaw - May 2015
6) Trade Fair for Home - Szczecin International Fair - Szczecin - October 2015
7) Design and interior design fair - WZORY - Jabłkowski Brothers Center - Warsaw - December 2015
8) Fair of interior design and furnishing - Bydgoszcz - February 2016
9) Vernissage of abstract images Kasia Puchowska - Dog and Partridge - Sunninghill, UK - June 2016
10) Trade Show - DOMOVE - Warsaw - June 2016
11) Art and Art Festival - Poznań International Fair - Poznań - December 2016
12) Slow Weekend - Soho Factory - Warsaw - December 2016
13) Author's Exhibit, taking 1st place in the poll of Business Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 - Gala Businessman and Company 2016 - Hotel Sunny Mill Bydgoszcz - March 2017

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