Lukasz Rudecki
Lukasz Rudecki 
Painter, Teacher of fine arts
Art direction:
Contemporary Art
About Lukasz Rudecki

Lukasz Rudecki was born in 1979 in Radom, Poland
Currently, he is employed as a lecturer at the Department of Painting and Drawing at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Technology and Humanities in Radom.


He graduated from the Department of Art (currently the Faculty of Arts) at the Technical University of Radom. Graduated with honors from the prof. Alexander Olszewski's painting studio, an annex of graphics art at the prof. K. Wyzner's workshop.


Łukasz Rudecki about his paintings:

“The world of painting is a complete space for me, if not to say total. I understand it as an inseparable part of myself. It is an element necessary for normal functioning. I perceive reality as a painting object. An important part of my work is to collect in memory, shapes, colors and then present them in the form of a painting sketch. The evolution accompanying the creation of subsequent records is a valuable experience in the formation of the original painting form.I build, deconstruct, show, erase. Each stage is of a given moment associated with experience and experiencing.My painting is basically a kind of internal self-portrait.”


Individual exhibitions since 2010:

2017 – Pracownie-konfrontacje, Łaźnia Gallery, Radom
2017 – Painting, Test Gallery, Warsaw
2016 - Pornography, SH Studio, Warsaw
2015 - Alles Figures. Małe i Duże, Mazowiecka Gallery, Warsaw
2015 - Painting, Bank Bistro & Bar, Siedlce
2014 - N(ie) wielka retrospektywa, Rogatka Gallery, Radom
2013 - Mensch. Bilder aus den Jahren
2009-2013, Deutsch-Polnische Gesellschaft Sachsen Anhalt e. V. – German-Polish Saxony-Anhalt Society, Magdeburg
2013 - Greats non-bathing, Łaźnia Gallery, Radom
2011 - Painting, ZPAP Gallery “Na Piętrze”, Łódź
2010 - Figures, not-Figures, n-Figures.

Group exhibitions (Selections) since 2010:

2017 - Künstlersymposium Reduzieren, 14. Internationale Werkstattwoche Wittingen/Lüben, Rathaus Wittingen
2016 - Konfrontacje Sztuki, Test Gallery, Warsaw
2016 - 44th Winter Salon, Mazovian Centre of Contemporary Art “Elektrownia”, Radom
2016 - Interpretation of light, 13. Internationale Werkstattwoche Wittingen/Lüben, Mozaika Gallery of Popular Theatre of Radom
2016 - 9th International Biennial of Miniature Art, Art Gallery of the Gaude Mater, Częstochowa
2015 - Künstlersymposium, Deutung von Licht, 13. Internationale Werkstattwoche Wittingen/Lüben, Rathaus Wittingen
2014 - 43rd Winter Salon, Museum of Modern Art, Radom2014 - 12th International Autumn Salon of Art, BWA Gallery, Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski
2014 - 8th International Biennial of Miniature Art, Art Gallery of the Gaude Mater, Częstochowa
2014 - Nomen Woman, BWA Gallery, Kielce
2013 - Herbstsalon '13 – art in dialog, MDR Landesfunkhaus, Sachsen-Anhalt, Magdeburg
2013 - Künstlersymposium, Grenzen – grenzenlos, 12. Internationale Werkstattwoche, Wittingen/Lüben, Rathaus Wittingen
2011 - Künstlersymposium, Schrille Stille, 11. Internationale Werkstattwoche Wittingen/Lüben, Rathaus Wittingen
2010 - 5th Triennial of Young Artists’ Painting-Marian Michalik’s appeal, City Art Gallery, Częstochowa
2010 - 10th International Autumn Salon of Art, BWA Gallery, Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski
2010 - 8th Triennial of Small-Size Painting, “Wozownia” Gallery, Toruń

Awards and Highlights

He has made twelve solo exhibitions (Kielce, Radom, Siedlce, Szczecin, Łódź, Magdeburg, Warsaw) and participated in approx. 70 group exhibitions, including (Berlin, Czestochowa, Kosice, Torun, Rzeszow, Szczecin, Warsaw, Zakopane), where he was awarded three times.

After defending his dissertation entitled “NFIGURES. Concrete, allusion, a symbol in my painting” he received his doctorate of fine arts in 2009.

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