Marina Maltezou
Marina Maltezou 
Painter, Teacher of fine arts
Art direction:
Contemporary Art

About Marina Maltezou

I was born in Athens. I studied Interior Design at AKTO Art & Design College and in 2002 I was awarded a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design by Middlesex University.

In 2010 I entered the Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA) where I studied painting. At the same time I attended the set design workshop.

In 2015 I presented my work at the 13th International Exhibition “Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space” at Prague Biennale, in the Student Section, with the set design workshop.

In June 2016 I did my first solo presentation with my collection of works entitled “The Beloved Strangers” in the context of my diploma thesis.

Works of mine have been presented in group exhibitions in Greece and Turkey (Constantinople).


2010/10 – 2016/06
Athens School of Fine Arts, Integrated master in Painting.

1998/10 – 2002/06
AKTO Art & Design College / Middlesex University, Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design by Middlesex University.


As an artist, I work exclusively on the basis of my instinct and mood. Nothing is sophisticated. My Purpose: Always being myself.

In my works, I often capture my love for anything that has already lived and continues to make its circle. This is something that finally feels to me.

Creating daily is, for me, an internal need, greater than all others. Teaching at the same time and communicating what I know to children, the motivation becomes even more powerful. The reasons that led me to this were probably how I lived in my childhood.

I wish I could continue to work for as long as my forces allow it.

My paintings are mainly oils on woods and canvases, which I work with mixed techniques, almost always shrinking, adding extrinsic materials.

I try to identify myself with current streams of modern Art, but always having the main goal of creating a completely personal style and visual recognizable writing.

So, I join the pieces from my previous works, composing, completing and finishing the sections, adding new elements to my works, which always have references to the older ones.


2019, Platforms Project 2019, Independent Art Fair in Athens, Greece.

2018, "A Senior Citizen", National Center of Public Administration and Local Government, Athens, Greece.

2018, "A Senior Citizen", Museum of Modern Greek Culture, Air Baths, Athens, Greece.

2018, "Clean Art", Cultural Center of the Municipality of Markopoulo Mesogaias, Attica, Greece.

2018, "Dating in Samarkand", Trii Art Hub, Athens, Greece.

2017, CHEAPART ATHENS 2017, Athens, Greece.

2017, "80 + 1 years of absence Lorca ", Depot Art Gallery, Athens, Greece.

2017, "When the body wakes up memory", Visual Appearances, Athens, Greece.

18-28 June 2015, Greek National Participation in the 13th International Exhibition "Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space", Prague, Czech Republic.

2015, "Viseyne a Journey", Constantinople, Turkey.

2014, "12 artists meet Nikos Kazantzakis", Athens, Greece.

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