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Niclas Gyllin
Niclas Gyllin 
About Niclas Gyllin

Niklas Gyllin (1981) is a Swedish artist who in his own words has dedicated his life to art.


Niklas love the creation within the art, the way the color, without any borders, in symbiosis with the human manages to form interesting objects. All life, since early age, Niklas has been interested in people and the way they feel. All these expressions in nature and people who disappear so fast in time. His passion for art - is to catch these impressions. To create a timeless look, feeling or incident taken from nature which is otherwise will be lost. Niklas try to develop himself in each brush stroke and each painting he manages to create.

Niklas work hard with his paintings until he’s really happy with the result. He wants people to see in his paintings the bad and good days. Therefore, you will find a balance between dark and bright colors that define Niklas in his real life and in his own journey.
Niklas works passionately with expressionism and spontaneous realism. In each painting, he works hard to bring as much realism into his work as possible trying to find the balance between the styles he likes.


2018: Exhibited at the Limhamn Harbor Festival, Sweden.

Awards and Highlights

Niklas has participated in different exhibitions in Sweden. In 2017 he won the first prize for his painting ‘The Journey 2’.