Robert Zietara
Robert Zietara 
Hi friend and art lovers! Thank you for visiting my virtual gallery. I feel a great joy when I can share a bit of my world with some other people.
Designer, Painter
Art direction:
Contemporary Art
About Robert Zietara

Robert Zietara is a Polish artist living and working in Norway.
In addition to being a painter, Robert also works as a landscaping designer in 3D, graphic designer, photographer, and filmmaker.


What he says about himself: "I am a man who has been involved in art creations ever since.
I feel great joy when I can share a bit of my world with some other people. I am a self-taught art painter with a mix of good skills and also a talented graduate."


Robert says about his inspiration: "My art work is a constant search for the best way to interpret the ideas that I have about myself and the world I live in. Nature is the most direct and intense inspiration. My principle medium is oil on canvas.
At first, I painted photo-realistic paintings, but over time, I developed a real passion for imaginative realism and surrealism art, and this is now the main focus of my work."


IX 2019 Main Show Exhibition

Awards and Highlights

His recent artworks got noticed by IX Arts Association, the world's leading organization dedicated to the contemporary imaginative realism and Robert was being juried into the IX 2019 Main Show exhibition.

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