What’s Hidden Behind Each Artwork?

Today we received a wonderful artwork made by our great artist Agata Ruman. She has many faithful buyers and followers. It is not hard to understand. She has a completely unique understanding of colors. It’s amazing to see how her technique makes the colors talk and tell the story of the artwork.

Each artist works differently, and their style often has a significant impact on how a painting is created and not least how long it takes from beginning to end. Agata and her style require 100% attention and once the painting has been created in her imagination, colors and brushes are fast transferred from mind to canvas. She can work continuously for days and at an incredible speed.

Together with the painting ‘A City in a Pink Cloud’ we received a private gift, a graphite drawing. In this, it’s even more clear how she works because you can see how fast the different pencils danced across the paper like a beautiful ice princess. It’s amazing and it creates a lot of respect when you are invited to see how artists are working.

Therefore, every work of art is also a personal signature from the artist. Every time a piece of art is transformed from Agata’s mind to the canvas, she gives a part of herself to the person who later becomes the lucky owner of the artwork. It’s what makes art unique. Not only the fact that every piece of art is found in one copy only. But more the fact that we get a part of the artist’s feelings and emotions caught like in a magic box. We all can show feelings, but in a work of art, feelings are saved for eternity. They do not disappear but are preserved in oil and colors.

– Thomas Lyngskjold, Gallery BeArte

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When words are used correctly, they can create beautiful meanings and rich phrases. Like art. When the writer does not understand the craft of writing, words become incomprehensible as, for example, 'Covfefe'.

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